Corporate Matching Program

Fater SpA


Fater SpA an Italy-based joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Angelini Group.

The company is interested in collaborating with and investing in startups that are working on innovative solutions within the personal hygiene field.

The company is also interested in collaborating directly with incubators and accelerators that support startups within the same field.


Deadline: May 1, 2020



Who is this opportunity for?

Primarily for Incubators, Accelerators and their Startups where the program is a member of the UBI Global Community. 

The matching program is prioritized for PRO and PREMIUM members. To read more about membership levels click here.

Non-members are welcome to submit their nomination and will be contacted for additional review. 

What is the process?

April 14 - April 24

After a nomination, our operations team analyzes the data and start compiling additional material found online.

If the analyzes lead to a potential match our operations team will first contact the managing director of the program, and if needed, the nominated company for follow-up questions and material


April 27 - May 7

During this period UBI Global works closely with the corporate client to present the different cases and matches.


May 7 - May 21

All participating programs, organizations and nominated Startups will via email receive a notification if they were successfully matched or not. 

Upon a success full match, an introduction between the nominee and its program will be made with the corporate client.


May 22
Project ends.

Any costs or fees?

For Incubators & Accelerators

Normally to participate in the UBI Global Corporate Matching Program your incubator or accelerator must be a PRO or PREMIUM member. Read more about our membership levels here.

For this particular project, all membership levels are welcome to nominate free-of-charge.

For Startups

No cost or fees for any Startups at any stage of the matching process

For Other Organizations

For this particular project, your organization is welcome to nominate free-of-charge.




Fater’s personal hygiene products are composed of: 

  1. fluff (i.e., defibrated cellulose pulp), and 
  2. superabsorbent polymer (SAP) 



Fater is looking for startups that develop fluff material (preferentially cellulose-based, but not limited to cellulose), with:

  1. high absorption capacity, and 
  2. good fluid handling properties


What are the criteria for potential collaboration?

All startups, scale-ups and incubation programs within this field are of interest - globally! 


How is Fater planning to collaborate with the Startups?

  1. By supporting the design phase with company know-how
  2. By supporting the development phase with company assets and capabilities
    (plant scale validation test)
  3. By funding the Startup to support design and development expenses



If you are or have any startups in your portfolio that fit these criteria (or would like to gauge other collaboration opportunities with Fater), please share name, website url, and contact information.

Deadline: May 1, 2020


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: 

Ali Amin 
CCO & Co-founder